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Writers helping writers along every step of the path to publication.

About us

If you’re ready to kick your writing and publishing projects up to the next level—

We are the community of authors to help you get there.

We’re your friendly, neighbourhood accountability, craft, and strategic author mentors.

But you can call us Stephanie, Crystal and Eileen.

Why you should join The Creative Academy

No matter where you are on the continuum from “Am I really a writer?” to “I’m a published author!”, everyone needs a trusted ear to bounce an idea off or support to put butt back in the chair when motivation takes a vacation.

That’s what you get in the Creative Academy—experienced author support and a peer cheering team at every stage of your writing to publishing journey.

One thing that makes The Creative Academy so special is our focus on helping you build your writer’s community. Sure, we have skills and experience to help you navigate from where you are now on your author journey to where you want to be, but doing that without a team is like climbing Everest on your own—possible, but way harder than it need be and not nearly as much fun.

What members are saying about us

Writing Sprints with The Creative Academy have been an engine of my writing practice, that have helped me write the first draft of a novel I LOVE in just under four months.”  ~Shalon Sims

“Crystal is a real force of nature. She is like nineteen writers wrapped together and shaped into the apotheosis of what a great writer should be. Her office hours are the reason I get more things done, faster and with better results.”  ~Michele Amitrani

The Creative Academy writing sprints have been the best thing for my writing career. I show up, sit down, and put words to the page. There is no waiting for inspiration, no procrastination (e.g., “maybe I’ll wash the cat first”). The other amazing thing about the writing sprints is I never feel alone as a writer. The last year has been my most productive ever!”  ~Jenny Lang

The Creative Academy’s Mastermind sessions keep me sane in the insane world of being a writer and spending most of my time alone creating imaginary worlds and imaginary people. These sessions are so helpful in fostering a safe and supportive space to connect with other creatives and to discuss the unique issues we share.”  ~Natasha Pow

“It’s hard to say where I’ve found the most value because there is so much here: writing craft mentorship with the talented Eileen Cook; tools, techniques and best practices for your entire publishing journey with the multi-talented and uber-organized Crystal Hunt; motivation and coaching for every bump in the road with the inspiring and insightful Donna Barker. I love this group!”  ~MaryAnn Clark